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GO GREEN WITH JAQUAR As a major global manufacturer of bathing products, we at Jaquar are well aware of our responsibilitie...

GO GREEN WITH JAQUAR! As a major global manufacturer of bathing products, we at Jaquar are well aware of our responsibilities. Conservation of precious water as a natural resource has long been the primary goal of our sustainability efforts to help preserve the living planet for our future generations. Go Green is a philosophy embraced by Jaquar as a tenet of its design and production system to save water and save earth. #EarthDay2019 #jaquar #jaquargroup #completebathroomsolutions #drivenbytech #gogreen #earthday #savewater #saveearth #conserve #responsiblecompany #sustainable #ecofriendly #EarthDay2019 #jaquar #jaquargroup #completebathroomsolutions #drivenbytech #gogreen #earthday #savewater #saveearth #conserve #responsiblecompany #sustainable #ecofriendly

Posted on : 22 Apr 2019 10:42 AM


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